Take The Best Zero-Gravity Lounge Chair For A Larger Person Outdoors Anytime

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Many of the most popular zero-gravity lounge chair models on the market are too short or too narrow for larger people. There are some available, however, that are just the right size for people like me who are a bit above average. It’s great to be able to a take a zero-gravity chair outdoors and enjoy nature without feeling pinched, confined or unstable as I do with most other portable chairs.

So what’s the best zero-gravity lounge chair for a person who’s a bit overweight or a couple of inches taller than average? I think there’s a clear choice, and you can keep reading to learn more about it.

A Welcome Option For Overweight Users

For those who carry a few extra pounds, I recommend the Caravan Canopy Oversize Zero Gravity Chair available through this Amazon affiliate link. In fact, I’m not the only one who likes this model. It’s one of the site’s best-selling antigravity chair models.

Like other popular choices, the Caravan chair has a sturdy steel frame and can be adjusted to just about any position for maximum comfort. But because the chair is wider than many other offerings, it’s much more comfortable for just about any user — even if you aren’t overweight.

Even better, the price is about the same as other highly recommended models — and actually lower than many choices of the same quality.

The Caravan chair is also lightweight and easy to carry, but the zero-gravity seat is made of textilene, a durable fabric that will serve you well for a long time.

Remember, this model is made with larger people in mind, so it’s a great combination sturdiness, durability and value.

A Better Choice For Taller Users?

While the Caravan is touted as a good choice for taller users as well, some people who are over 6 feet tall find it to be a bit short. Letting your feet dangle off the end is no big deal — those of us who are tall are used to that — but some taller users find that the metal bar at the end of this antigravity chair presses into their legs and causes pain if they don’t change positions frequently. A pillow for your legs is all it takes to solve this problem, however.

I’m still sold on this Caravan chair, but if you’re tall and not overweight you might prefer the regular version of this chair, also available now on Amazon. I previously published a full review of this antigravity chair on another site.

Keep in mind that the regular version is not rated for heavier weights and is a bit narrow, so it’s not a good choice for people with a few extra pounds.

Caravan For Everyone

There are a number of zero-gravity lounge chair options on the market, but your choice really comes down to these two.

I think most users of larger stature would prefer the Caravan chair if they could compare the two side by side. Both are sturdy, dependable zero-gravity lounge chair options that perform as expected.

No matter how wide you are or how long your legs are, the Caravan Canopy Oversize Zero Gravity Chair is a comfortable and stylish deck chair you can easily carry with you to any picnic, patio or party where you aren’t sure there will be a comfortable chair for you.

Whether you want to sit on your own deck or spend an evening relaxing on someone else’s, you’ll be more comfortable than you ever imagined when you choose a zero-gravity lounge chair with plenty of room.

Click here to see the very affordable price of this zero-gravity lounge chair on Amazon, a great place to turn for just about everything you need to make your life more comfortable.

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