What’s The Best Gel Deodorant On The Market Today?

If you’re looking for a gel deodorant and antiperspirant that helps you look, feel and smell fresh all day, you may have noticed that your choices are dwindling. A recent reshuffling of deodorant brands and products has left many of us scrambling to find a replacement for products we’ve used before.

Many of us turn to gel deodorants because we think they work better, we think they stain less and we think they’re less likely to be visible on our clothing. Only some of that’s actually true. But whatever the reason we prefer gels to solids, roll-ons or sprays, they’re getting a little harder to find.

In late 2012, apparently Arrid Extra Dry gel deodorant was discontinued. But there are other alternatives. And when you look carefully, you’ll see they aren’t as expensive as you think.

Antiperspirants and deodorants may not be a very exciting topic, but if you’ve been using the same thing for years and can’t find it anymore — or have never really found the best brand for you, then a discussion of this topic could be just what you need to solve a personal hygiene issue that all of us must face.

Myths About Gel Deodorants

It might be useful to dispel a few myths about gel deodorants before we go any further. First, you should know that most gels contain the same ingredients as the solids, so they work equally well. Some sprays and other products use different active ingredients, but most antiperspirant products on the market are similar in strength and effectiveness — despite our preferences for one brand or another.

Another common myth is that gels are less likely to discolor clothing than solids. But once again, the active ingredient is the same — and it’s that ingredient, not the solid itself — that reacts with perspiration to cause yellow discoloring. So both solids and gels will discolor clothing over time, especially if you’re a heavy sweater.

But it’s absolutely true that gel deodorants may not show on dark colored clothing as much as solids. While a white solid can leave marks all down the side of a black shirt, a gel won’t. Even if you’re messy when applying it and fail to keep the sides of the shirt away from your underarm area when putting it on, any gel that gets on the cloth will dry, usually without staining.

The Best Gel Deodorants Still Available

the best gel deodorant I can find
the best gel deodorant I can find

Still, I prefer a gel product to a solid, so that’s what I use. When Arrid Extra Dry gel became unavailable in my area, I tried some other products. Almay has a fragrance-free, hypoallergenic products, but I like something with a bit of smell. Then I found Gillette Clear Gel Cool Wave Anti-Perspirant / Deodorant — available from Amazon. Although it’s technically marketed toward men, I think some of the scents available would appeal to women as well.

At first glance, the product may seem overpriced, but each container is more than double the size of other gels. The Almay product I tried was 1.2 ounces; the old Arrid product was about 1.6 ounces. But the Gillette gel deodorant contains a full 4 ounces. When you consider the larger size, the price is really quite reasonable — actually less than what I was paying for Arrid when it was available.

Based on what I learned when researching the best product for me, I know that most gel deodorants are exactly the same. But I like the scent, value and quality of Gillette Cool Wave Anti-Perspirant, and I think you will too. Whether you’re a man or a woman, it will do the job for you.

And even better, it’s still available.

Click here to see the Amazon price for a value pack of Gillette Cool Wave antiperspirant and deodorant. It’s the best price I’ve seen for a product that works.

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