Benefits Of Aloe Vera For Weight Loss: Does Aloe Vera To Lose Weight Work?

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If you know anything about aloe vera, you know that it’s good for just about everything. Or at least it seems that way. You can break a piece off a live plant and rub it on a burn or a cut for improved healing and pain relief. You can drink the juice to aid in digestion and maybe even to help you lose weight. You can improve a sunburn…

The list goes on.

Let’s spend a few minutes today looking at aloe vera for weight loss. If you want to try aloe vera to lose weight and aren’t quite sure how to use it or whether it works, read on. There’s information here that may help you make an informed decision.

Please understand that I’m not a doctor, and I don’t offer medical advice in this or any other blog posts. But perhaps you can use this general information in consultation with your doctor or other healthcare professionals to decide for yourself. Here we go.

Best aloe vera juice

First, let’s talk about what kind of aloe vera you need to buy. For weight loss, most experts agree that you need aloe vera in its juice form. There are many aloe vera juice brands on the market today. And it can be hard to decide which is the best for you. Truthfully, you can’t be sure any of them contain exactly what you hope they do. You must rely on the longevity of the brand, recommendations from friends and blog posts and other information to decide what brand you want to buy.

Here’s my recommendation: I’m pleased with the quality, taste and consistency of George’s 100% Aloe Vera Juice, available on Amazon through this affiliate link.

It has a less objectionable taste than many brands (hardly any taste at all), and it comes in a large quantity for a good price. When I started using aloe juice, I used a more expensive brand, but this one seems to work just as well.

Note that when you’re using aloe vera for weight loss or colon cleansing, I recommend starting with aloe vera juice. You will find that many experts don’t recommend aloe vera oil, tablets, capsules or other products.

Aloe vera smoothie for weight loss

Some people don’t talk like the taste of aloe vera juice. They find it to be a little too bitter or even acidic (which it isn’t!), perhaps tasting like mild lime juice. If you don’t like the taste, you can use it in one of the most common ways aloe vera is used for weight loss: You can include it in a smoothie, which covers up the taste of the aloe vera juice and allows you to incorporate some other great things too.

Here’s one good recipe for an aloe vera weight loss smoothie that you can continually adjust until the taste is perfect for you: Combine about 2 tablespoons grated ginger plus any juice that results from the grating and about the same amount of lemon juice, aloe vera juice, and 4 ounces or more of water, depending on how much you’d like to drink. You may also want to add in parsley, cilantro or a little cucumber juice for a taste boost and added nutrients. Simply combine and serve over ice for a refreshing drink or reduce the water by half, add a couple of ice cubes and blend.

These items are all great at boosting metabolism and increasing weight loss, experts say. Just be sure you don’t add anything with sugar – because that will add calories and can increase your weight rather than reduce it.

The aloe vera diet

Did you know there’s an aloe vera diet? There isn’t exactly a miracle or fad diet called the aloe vera diet, although you may have seen posts trying to make you think there is. But some people use aloe vera pills, aloe vera juice or even aloe vera oil as part of their weight loss diet.

Aloe vera plays a great role in increasing metabolism and improving stomach health, so it can help you lose weight and feel better. But I’m not so sure about taking aloe vera tablets or capsules for weight loss. Maybe the best idea is to eat less, eat healthy and use real aloe vera juice when you want the boost it provides.

When you hear people talking about an aloe vera diet, they are most likely talking about including aloe vera juice and other aloe products in their regular reduce-calorie diet for added benefit.

Aloe vera juice cleanse

What is an aloe vera juice cleanse? If you’re feeling bloated, irregular or just want to lose some water weight, you might want to try an aloe vera juice cleanse. You can use aloe vera juice to cleanse your colon and reduce stomach symptoms in much the same way as you use it for weight loss. It’s simple:

  • Use the smoothie formula above – adjusted to your taste, of course.
  • Consume several times a day.
  • Limit other food and drink that you know aggravate your stomach.

After a day or two, symptoms should get better, proof that your cleanse is working.

A final word

Aloe vera juice may help you feel better, just as aloe vera gel heals cuts, scrapes and sunburn. It’s not a miracle, but it is a good thing. If you haven’t tried aloe vera for weight loss, colon cleansing and intestinal health, you owe it to yourself to try.

In consultation with your medical practitioner, you can use aloe vera – especially aloe vera juice – as part of your increasingly healthy lifestyle. When you make good, well-considered decisions, you can have the best version of your life possible.

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