Finding Clear Glasses For Cosmetic Purposes

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Not everyone you see wearing glasses needs them. Some people choose to wear clear glasses for cosmetic purposes — either because of a perceived problem with the way their eyes or the area around their eyes looks or because they like the way they look with glasses. Some people think fake glasses make you look smarter too.

If you’re interested in finding clear glasses for cosmetic reasons, I have a couple of great resources for you. First, however, here are five reasons you might choose to wear glasses even if you can see just fine:

1. To hide bags or dark circles. Carefully chosen frames can cover up bags, dark circles and wrinkles around the eye and give you a more youthful, energetic and alert appearance. Be careful, though, not to choose glasses that are so large that they enhance or draw attention to the area around your eyes.

2. To cover up eyebrow problems. Glasses with heavy, dark frames can stand in for faint or injured eyebrows, adding some of the character to the eye area that eyebrows usually provide. Clear glasses with a frame that goes across the brow area where the eyebrow should be work best for this purpose.

3. To obscure scars on or around the eye. Scars around the eye that cause an eyelid to appear droopy or tight can make you look tired or even less intelligent, but clear glasses made for cosmetic purposes can hide scars or draw attention away from them. Glasses can also take attention away from the eyeball itself, de-emphasizing a damaged eye.

4. To draw attention away from a wandering eye. A so-called “lazy” or wandering eye is less noticeable when it’s concealed under the right pair of fake glasses. Choosing smaller, funkier styles usually works best for this purpose.

5. To keep out the wind. Some people wear glasses to protect their eyes from the drying effects of wind. This isn’t really a cosmetic purpose, but these people don’t wear them because they need the magnification either; they’re combating dry eyes.

Two Ways To Get Clear Glasses For Cosmetic Purposes

No matter why you want clear glasses, they can be difficult to find. There are two dependable ways to get them, however.

First, consider the selection of clear glasses on Amazon. You won’t always find the exact style you want, but you may be surprised how many choices the site carries.

Second, order exactly what you want from an online retailer. These sites provide low-cost prescription glasses, but you don’t have to have a prescription to order from one of them. By setting all the numbers on the prescription form to zero, you get clear glasses — often at a much better price than you can find them anywhere else. Complete glasses in a wide array of styles start at $6.95 on some sites.

In some cases, you can also upload a photo of yourself so you can virtually try on every one of the site’s thousands of frames if you like. Whether you want something that very traditional or a bit edgy, a mail-order company has something for you.

I get my low power reading glasses from an online eyeglasses retailer, and you can get what you want from a low-price online outlet too. Remember, for clear glasses for cosmetic purposes, set all the prescription numbers to zero. When you’re asked for your pupillary distance, just enter 63, the most common number. It doesn’t matter at all for clear glasses.

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