Choosing The Best Bar Furniture For The Home: Practical Tips

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If you’re planning a cocktail party or even a small get-together with a few friends, you’ll want the drinks to flow freely and effortlessly to help keep the party going. The right bar furniture is an important part of a successful gathering, sending the message that you enjoy playing host, know how to put together an event and take entertaining seriously.

The wrong bar furniture can send a message that you don’t know much about entertaining or don’t know how to organize your affairs — and that’s never the right message.

Here’s some information about choosing the right bar unit and barstools for your home.

Understanding Barstools

When choosing barstools, the most important thing to consider is the height of the table or bar cabinet where the stools will be used. Barstools usually range from 26 to 31 inches tall, but you may sometimes find ones that are of nonstandard height. Before you make a purchase, check the specifications of the stool you’re considering to make sure it’s what you need.

You and your guests will be more comfortable sitting on stools of standard height — unless your table or surface is so low or high that using it requires something else. Then, you will need to make some kind of compromise.

You also have to take into account how many stools you need and what level of comfort is required. You may need a few more stools than your table or bar can accommodate for additional seating around the room during a cocktail party. This is especially true if you plan a long party, a party after an event where people have already been standing up for a long time or a gathering that involved older people who will want to be able to sit down but still remain part of the action.

Upholstered stools are more comfortable than plain metal or wood, but if you only plan to use them occasionally, you may want to make your purchase based on price rather than comfort.

It’s also important that the stools don’t detract from the look of your bar cabinet. In fact, they should ideally complement the furniture around them. That’s why you may want to consider pieces of the same brand and finish color as your other furnishings if possible.

Choosing Bar Tables And Bar Units

Some bars for the home are simply tables that stand a few inches taller than a regular dining table, but if you plan to store and serve liquor from the living room or dining room rather than from the kitchen, you’ll want a more sophisticated bar unit.

If you and your guests usually drink only wine, a small and simple wine cabinet that fits in the corner of the kitchen might be a better idea than a dry bar. A carefully chosen piece of wine rack furniture could be just what you want in this case.

Also, keep in mind that if you are setting up a home bar for the first time, you may want to order some glasses and serving pieces to go with your elegant bar unit and stools. You don’t want to be forced to use your old dishes and cups when you can get a matching bar set that adds to the elegance of the occasion every time you entertain.

A Final Thought

Of course, plenty of people entertain every day without a bar unit in the living room or a piece of sturdy wine rack furniture in their kitchen, but one of the most important parts of planning a great party is paying attention to detail.

Your old furniture, mismatched chairs and hodgepodge of serving pieces might not make the best impression for you. And if making a great impression is part of the reason you host a party in your home, you’ll need something new that portrays a more positive image.

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