Best Indoor Electric Turkey Fryer Takes The Danger Out Of Cooking Turkey

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If the idea of boiling oil in an open pot in your backyard just to try to get a moister holiday turkey seems like a strange idea to you, you’re not alone. There are ways to get flavorful deep-fried turkey without going outside and without putting your home and family at risk, and one of them is to use one of the best indoor electric turkey fryer models on the market.

Maybe you’ve tried an oil-free turkey fryer but didn’t think the results were as good as turkeys you’ve eaten that were cooked in oil. Or maybe you’ve only had deep-fried turkey cooked by someone else and now you want to try your hand at it.

It’s hard to get past those images on the news of people burning down their houses or severely injuring themselves with traditional outdoor turkey fryers.

Fortunately, there’s surely an indoor electric turkey fryer on the market that gives you the same results as those dangerous outdoor fryers without nearly so much risk.

The Dangers Of Traditional Turkey Fryers

For me, it’s easy to see how boiling three gallons of oil with a propane heater could be dangerous and even start a fire in or around your home. Never mind that traditional outdoor turkey fryers can tip over, spilling hot oil over all over your yard or patio.

Then, when you consider that many people misuse the units, you add in another level of danger. For example, overfilling the pot will cause it to run over when the turkey is placed inside or boil over when no one is looking. And those foolish enough to leave fryers unattended don’t realize that there’s no temperature control on most of these units, so the oil can overheat and catch fire.

There is also the risk of burning yourself on the pot even if you’ve cooked the turkey correctly and according to directions. The pot gets amazingly hot, and traditional potholders aren’t thick enough to keep you and the heat apart.

If you weren’t convinced of the dangers before, surely you see now that you don’t want one of these things creating havoc around your home.

The Indoor Electric Turkey Fryer: A Very Good Idea

Any model of electric turkey fryer is surely safer than a boiling pot of unprotected oil, but the best model is one that blends well with your kitchen decor and comes from a respected maker.

You’ll find that an indoor electric turkey fryer can do a lot more than cook holiday turkeys. You can leave it out all year and have turkey anytime you want — or use the unit for fries, wings or an old-fashioned fish-fry.

To make your electric turkey fryer even more useful, most models allow you to put in water instead of oil to boil or steam foods. A crawfish boil or some simple boiled potatoes and green beans are easier than ever when you make them in this machine. It makes sense to be sure you choose a unit that can do double duty for you.

Also, indoor electric turkey fryers use up to a third less oil than one of those pots you put in the backyard. That means there’s less oil to recycle or throw away — and less to buy in the first place. Plus, there’s less mess to deal with.

It Just Makes Sense

Using a temperature-controlled indoor appliance to cook your moist Cajun-style turkey makes more sense than relegating a member of your family to your backyard and putting his or her life in danger to cook a turkey. That never did make sense, did it?

With built-in safety features and a sensible design, the right indoor fryer is a very smart idea indeed and will become something you can use for a variety of purposes all year long.

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