Stubble Is In, And A Great Stubble Trimmer Is Essential

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Sideburns, chest hair and stubble are among the men’s grooming trends that come and go. Let’s see: sidies are sort of in but not really, chest hair is out and stubble is in. Is that right for the moment?

Of course, nothing says you have to keep up with trends, but I think guys look better with some stubble. Pasty, over-shaven faces are very definitely out.

If you want a little scruff, why not go for it? You could just decide which one or two days a week you want to look your best and shave two or three days before that, but someday you’ll need to look good when you hadn’t planned to, and you’ll want to locate the best stubble trimmer to do the job for you.

But what makes a good stubble trimmer — and how can you be sure the one you buy is right for the job? Here’s some advice.

Flexibility And Suitability Are Key

Facial hair trends change, and you want to be prepared. Plus, the exact length of stubble that looks great on a guy with really dense facial hair won’t look right on one with very fine, less dense hair. And you can’t know the length that’s best for you until you experiment a bit.

That means the first important quality of the best stubble trimmer out there is adjustability.

You need complete control over length, no matter which brand you buy. That’s the reason I chose the Conair iStubble — available from Amazon and elsewhere. If you can’t adjust it, you don’t want it.

Also, you don’t want to use a beard trimmer when you’re trying to trim stubble. The guard almost always has tines that are too widely spaced and there often isn’t a setting or guard that’s short enough for stubble.

So that means the second important quality of a stubble trimmer is suitability for the job.

In other words, buy something designed for what you want to do — not something marketed for beard grooming or general manscaping.

A name brand is important too. While the brands your granddad used may or may not be the best choice anymore, you don’t want a no-name or store brand trimmer anywhere near your face. Their dull blades and uneven cutting surfaces will give you uneven results — and could even injure you. When it comes to power tools intended to use near your face, go with a name like Conair, Wahl or even old favorite Remington.

That makes the third quality that’s important in a stubble trimmer is its reputation.

And finally, you need something that makes the job easy for you. That means it needs to be powerful and shouldn’t require you to stay near an outlet — especially since many of the world’s bathrooms don’t seem to have an outlet in the right place for a facial hair trimmer. Battery-operated trimmers are the best choice — but you need a modern one with a modern battery or even multiple batteries. Otherwise, it will run down in the middle of the job and the blades won’t move fast enough to cut the hair very successfully.

That means the fourth and final important quality for a great stubble trimmer is plenty of power.

Summing Up

So what’s the best stubble trimmer out there? That’s a very personal choice, but I’ve already told you that my favorite is the one I use every day: the Conair iStubble trimmer.

If you want to have stubble while it’s in, use a powerful, reputable and completely adjustable trimmer that’s made for the job — a trimmer that’s in too. And if you need to trim up that chest hair or do some other kind of manscaping, choose another trimmer that’s right for those jobs too.

You’ll never regret having the right tool for the job.

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