Arrid Extra Dry Cream Deodorant Is Discontinued, But Here Are Two Alternatives

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If you’ve used Arrid Extra Dry Cream Deodorant in the past and like the unique scent and how well it prevents sweat, you’ve probably been disappointed to find that it hasn’t been available recently. While I don’t have good news about the return of this once popular product, I do have some other information to share that may help you find a product to meet your needs.

Keep reading for more information about a cream deodorant that might work for you, a gel deodorant from Arrid that you may like just as well and another option that’s working for me. It’s all ahead in this article.

Arid Extra Dry cream is discontinued

First, the bad news. As you’ve probably figured out by now, Arrid Extra Dry Cream Deodorant has been discontinued. While you may have seen it offered online recently, those offers are simply too good to be true.

In fact, I’m not quite sure where the items being offered online are coming from. Maybe they’re not really available at all and your order will get canceled. Or it could be that these sellers will just use your personal information to try to sell you something else.

Whatever the case, the product is unfortunately discontinued. When you see this brand of cream deodorant for sale online, it’s either fake, a scam or very old stock that probably wouldn’t work anymore anyway.

But that doesn’t mean you’re out of options.

Option 1: Tussy Cream Deodorant

While you may have never heard of Tussy Cream Deodorant – available through this Amazon affiliate link – it’s been around since 1925.

The Fresh Spice variety is a product you may find very similar to the Arrid cream product that’s been discontinued. You’ll also find that it’s inexpensive. The only problem is that you won’t find it in many stores. You’ll probably have to order online to get it.

Tussy is a respected product from a respected brand that’s now part of the KCM Brands family. KCM makes a wide range of products including baby wipes, face cream and ethnic hair care products. They make other products with names you may have heard of, including Chubs, Dorothy Gray and Black Orchard.

In addition to Tussy Cream Deodorant, some other deodorants and antiperspirants also bear the Tussy name. They’re known for gentleness, effectiveness and long-lasting protection from sweat and odors. In addition to the Fresh Spice scent, the company offers a Powder Fresh scent that you might prefer.

Option 2: Gel deodorants

I was originally a fan of Arrid Extra Dry Gel deodorant before I even learned about cream deodorants, but it’s now difficult to find. While it hasn’t been discontinued, it might as well have been in my area. You either have to order it online or do without. While I don’t mind ordering it online from a reputable company like Amazon, I’ve found that other alternatives work just as well for me.

For example, Degree Artic Fresh Deodorant without antiperspirant — available from this Amazon affiliate link — does the job for me. I always thought I needed the antiperspirant, but when I realized this ingredient was causing the white staining and fabric damage that I’d noticed on all my shirts, I decided to try a product without antiperspirant and found that it does just as well at keeping me smelling fresh and presentable.

Some final thoughts

The news is bad if you insist on trying to find Arrid cream deodorant. It’s simply disappeared from the marketplace since it’s been long discontinued. But Tussy is a good alternative that’s still available, so it makes sense to stock up on it while you can find it. Who knows how long it will be available?

You can depend on me to update this post regularly if I find more information about cream deodorants. Until then I’ve provided the best I have, and I think you’ll be satisfied with Tussy or one of the gel deodorants on the market. You have options, but Arrid cream deodorant simply isn’t one of them anymore.

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