A Register Booster Fan Can Make Your HVAC System Work Better For You

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A register booster fan made so much difference in the comfort of my home that I created this article to explain them to you and explain how they can make your home easier to live in without having to spend a lot of money.

Are some of the rooms in your home a different temperature than others? In my house, my bedroom was always at least 10 degrees warmer than the rest of the home in the summer. In the winter, the warm air never seemed to get there either.

As it turns out, this is a very common problem. It can be caused by the HVAC system not being powerful enough, having too many feet of ducting or even not being installed with an air duct booster fan in all the appropriate places.

Everyone Else Seems To Know

When I mentioned this problem to a friend one evening, he told me used to have the same problem in his home, but he fixed it with a register booster fan — actually, with one register booster fan in the bedroom and another in his den (which he insists on calling a “man cave”!).

For years, I’ve been setting the thermostat way lower than it should be just to get my bedroom down to a bearable temperature. My electric bill has been suffering needlessly all this time.

When one of our other friends overheard the conversation, she had to chime in too. She’s been using air vent booster fans since she moved into an apartment with a weak AC system.

Apparently, I was the only one who didn’t use these fans that fit over your air vents to make my home more comfortable.

Then, I did some research online and realized that a lot of people have similar problems but don’t yet know the solution. That’s why I created I added this simple post to this site.

Skeptical At First

Even after realizing that everyone else already knew about these things, I was still skeptical. I looked at some online reviews and I still wasn’t convinced.

But I decided to try one.

Since everyone seemed to like the Suncourt register booster fan selection and styling, that’s what I went with. I was as surprised as anyone to find that my Suncourt HC300 Register Air Booster — available from Amazon — worked like a charm.

I have floor registers, but units are available for wall registers as well.

These units do make a bit of noise, but it’s very worth a little noise for increased comfort. In fact, I’ve found that I enjoy having the noise in my bedroom. It covers up the sounds of the cars leaving the neighborhood early in the morning and it keeps my cats from waking me up every time they decide to chase each other.

I had previously added a ceiling fan in my bedroom — which didn’t do very much good — but when I use the air vent booster along with the ceiling fan, I get maximum benefit. As long as your ceiling is properly braced for a ceiling fan, there’s no reason not to add one of those too.

You also need to have an electric outlet near the register, otherwise you’ll have to run an extension cord to the unit.

The Suncourt air booster fan I purchased also came with an automatic control that turns it off when there’s no air coming through the vent — saving me money on my electric bill

I recommend buying your Suncourt HC300 Register Fan or whichever model you decide is best for you from Amazon. Their price is much better than the price I found at the local home improvement store, and returns are easy with Amazon if this airflow booster doesn’t work well in your situation.

With a house full of registers, you’ll probably need more than one.

Click here to see the Suncourt register booster fan at Amazon, a surprisingly good place to get home improvement items you can depend on.

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