A Balance Ball Office Chair: 10 Reasons Why It Makes Sense

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A balance ball office chair may look a bit weird to you, but changing from your old office chair to a stability ball chair can have many benefits. In fact, the case for using a balance ball chair during at least part of your workday is compelling.

Exercise ball chairs are also a great alternative to a sofa or kitchen chair when studying, gaming, working on hobbies or reading and taking notes. All you need to do is combine the balance ball chair with the right work surface and you’re all set.

So what are some of the reasons to ditch traditional chairs in favor of a balance ball office chair? Here are 10 sensible reasons:

1. Better spinal alignment just happens. The balance required to stay atop one of these chairs means your spine must shift into the proper position to hold you upright. That perfectly balanced position is the one that leads to the greatest possible spinal health.

2. Shifting helps increase comfort. You can’t stay completely still on a balance ball office chair, and constantly shifting prevents pain from pressure and stiffness from not moving enough. Plus, each task on your work surface forces you to change positions as well. With a traditional office chair, shifting isn’t necessary very often.

3. Staying fit is easier than ever before. You can do mini-workouts at your desk when you use an exercise ball chair. Exercise instructions are included with many brands of chairs, and the ball is often removable so you can use it for a full workout.

4. Balance can actually be improved. The unstable surface of a balance ball office chair causes your whole body to become more accustomed to shifts in position, increasing your balance when sitting or standing elsewhere. Over time, your balance gets better and better.

5. Core strength increases. Six-pack abs are a sign of great core strength, and you use your abdominal muscles a lot when balancing on a stability ball chair, giving you an abdominal workout that’s hard to get any other way. When you consider how long you spend sitting, this can make a real difference.

6. Circulation can dramatically improve. An exercise ball chair allows the blood to keep flowing to your whole body while a regular office chair cuts off blood flow in some places. Why reduce circulation when you can increase it? Better circulation means better health, more alertness and less pain.

7. Greater energy is yours. When you stay in a single position for a while, your body’s systems shut down or stagnate, making you tired. A balance ball chair like the Gaiam balance ball chair helps keep your energy up so you can be more productive than you thought possible.

8. Burning calories is a side effect. You can burn 350 calories or more per day sitting on an active stability ball chair rather than a regular chair. That means you could lose weight consistently over time simply by changing chairs. Combine that with other healthy habits for a real difference you and others will be able to see.

9. The investment isn’t much. Stability ball chairs aren’t expensive. In most cases, they’re less than traditional office chairs. In all cases, they certainly won’t break the bank and pay you back in improved health and better life in many ways.

10. It’s fun. Perhaps best of all, a balance ball chair is really fun to use. There are many health benefits, the cost factor and so many other reasons to give one a try, but just as importantly, you’ll enjoy the experience and find yourself replacing other chairs with one as well.

Are these 10 reasons enough to convince you that an exercise ball chair is a great idea? These innovative sitting appliances are already changing lives around the world, and they can make a difference for you too.

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