About This Site

Everyone on the Internet has an agenda, of course, but lots of them use their agendas as an excuse to offer you bad advice. Advice Without Hype is focused on offering only good advice about good products and services that can benefit you. My reputation means too much to me to ruin it by offering you suspect or downright bogus advice.

I’m Eric Parker. I’m a web content writer during the day and a website creator at night. Writing page after page of Internet content is easy for me, especially when I have a client I’m passionate about, a service I believe in to discuss or something really good to say about a product. Writing, you see, is both my job and my hobby. When I’m working, I use my passion to help my clients. When I’m writing for my own sites, I can say whatever I want, stating my true passion for whatever my subject is.

What kinds of topics will you see addressed on Advice Without Hype? There’s no limit. I’m just as likely to write about designer stubble as about cheap toilet paper. Other topics addressed here include ways to find peace in your life, dealing with an adjustable standing desk and whether concealer for men is really such a good idea. Plus, you’ll find articles on this site about penalties for canceling Progressive auto insurance, saving your eyes with low power reading glasses and more.

My goal is always the same: to provide good information that makes a real difference – with no hype and no nonsense.

In addition to Advice Without Hype, I write and maintain these sites:

Want to contact me? Have a comment about one of my product reviews or articles? Email me at eric@conspiracyofgood.com. I’d like to hear from you.

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