How Customer Surveys Can Get Your Business More Sales

Do you know what your customers desire the most?

If your business is successful, you have at least some idea what people want, but knowing even more about your customers habits and preferences could gain you more sales.

Conducting a simple survey of your existing clients might bring you some surprising results about exactly what your customers want, need and expect from the companies with whom they do business. Your customers may not be thinking exactly what you think they’re thinking.

Simply put, businesses that aren’t paying attention to customer opinions aren’t getting all the sales they could be getting.

Conducting a survey can be as simple as putting a poll in your next email newsletter. You could even just ask a couple of questions in your next communication with customers and ask them to write back by email with comments.

Even better, taking advantage of one of the free online survey services like Survey Monkey can get you a professional-looking survey with the results tabulated and calculated for you.

Remember that customers may be glad you’re asking questions, but they’re busy people too. Keep the survey brief and to the point, showing your customers how much you respect their time.

Offering a coupon or free item can attract more participants, but it can also skew results by causing people without strong opinions to complete the survey simply for the reward.

Here are three top reasons you might want to consider conducting a survey:

People like to be asked. Asking customers their opinion shows them that you value their input. That helps build respect for you among your customers and loyalty to your products.

You can pare down your product lines and services. Customers often have valuable opinions because they spend more time using your products and services than you do. If customers seem uninterested in or unimpressed by a certain line — and your sales match the opinions — you may want to dump it and focus on selling your more popular products.

You can expand your offering. One of the most common ideas expressed in surveys is that a company should offer more. Listen to survey results to help you decide what to add to your offerings. Survey results are not a guarantee that a product will sell, but they are an indication of interest.

And these are just three of the reasons your company might benefit from conducting a survey.

To find out what your customers really want from you, there’s no better way than to ask them for their opinions. Whether conducted on a large or small scale, surveys provide the kind of valuable information that can turn mediocre businesses into stellar successes.

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