Cheap Toilet Paper Is Easy To Find Online And Off

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Of all the things in the world to think about, why spend your time thinking about toilet paper? Still, if you’re willing to spend a few minutes locating cheap toilet paper that your family will actually like, you can save a lot of money and use your savings for something else that means more to you.

We all use toilet paper, and intelligent people try to save money whenever possible. So there’s nothing embarrassing about discussing cheap toilet paper.

Whether you’re trying to make ends meet, trying to pay off a mortgage or car or simply don’t like idea of spending a lot on something you like to think about so little, there are ways to save on toilet paper without stockpiling and without using that terrible one-ply stuff that doesn’t do a job very well.

Here are several easy ways to find the cheap toilet paper you want:

Clip some coupons. Perhaps it sounds obvious, but never buy toilet paper without using a coupon. While this idea once would have applied only to purchases made in person, online coupons are available too. Even Amazon has coupons! (Click here to explore Amazon toilet paper coupons now.) Use Target Cartwheel or the digital coupon app for the store you’re visiting. There’s no reason you should ever have to pay the advertised price for any name-brand toilet paper.

Become loyal to store brands. Being loyal to a specific brand means you may sometimes have to purchase before you can find a good deal. When you choose to be loyal to store brands, however, you’ll usually get a lower average price. But be aware that store brands are often made by the lowest bidder, and what you get in the package this time may not be the same as what you got in the same package last time.

Try Amazon Subscribe & Save. Many people simply order toilet paper along with their other groceries and household supplies online. To make the most of Amazon Subscribe & Save, start by taking a look for Amazon coupons. You’ll find that many of the cheap toilet paper choices offered are available for Subscribe & Save. You save an additional 5 percent off the advertised price when you use the subscription service. If you can subscribe to four more items as well, the savings on each item jumps to 15 percent. It’s simple to understand how this service works: you subscribe, then the item you want ships again to you each month at about the same time, and your card is charged. But if you don’t need more, you can cancel your subscription and you still keep the good deal you got.

Lower your standards! For years, I used a fancy toilet paper with aloe vera lotion in it. It was very expensive, actually. Then they stopped making it. There are other aloe vera toilet paper choices on the market, but I decided to go for something at the other end of the spectrum. I now use one of those one-ply cheap toilet paper brands and get along just fine. It’s all a matter of what you become accustomed to. I’ve found that I don’t miss the expensive toilet paper with very few sheets per roll, and you might find the same.

When looking for cheap toilet paper, the key is persistence and, above all, flexibility. If you insist on using a certain brand, you may not always find it at a discount price. But when you’re willing to be flexible, you may be able to get a premium brand at a great price. Or you may find that there’s an inexpensive store brand that’s always good enough for you.

Whatever you do, don’t pay full price for toilet paper. Cheap toilet paper deals are out there, and you deserve to get what you want at a price you can afford. Then your savings can go for something that’s perhaps a more appropriate and appealing topic of conversation.

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